Social media has become an integral part of business communications, with a recent survey by BRR media finding that 61% of ASX200 businesses increased their social media activity in the past year.

This is a positive indication that businesses around the world are beginning to understand the increasing importance of social media, trading their outdated one-way communication tactics to embrace strategies that fuel engagement and embody the newer ‘conversational’ model of communication between a brand and it’s publics.

With this new model of communication comes a new set of rules, and unfortunately, brands can’t just broadcast messages to a large audience and expect a positive return on investment anymore. They need to engage – which is a lot more difficult in that it requires time. Time to research current issues and visual images relevant to your target market to consequently produce sharable content actively promoting your brand and engaging your audience.

Wondering how to successfully engage your audience using social media?

Take a look at Mercedes Benz’ latest campaign for the new CLA

The beauty and innovative nature of this campaign stems from the following:

1)    Mercedes commissioned five instagram photographers each with a minimum of 500,000 followers (talk about crowd-sourcing)

2)   By using the existing followings of the five photographers,  the MBUSA following soared from only 8,617 to over 24,000 during the campaign

3)    Mercedes has only lent the cars to the winners – on a 3 year lease – they haven’t even given a car away!

4)    Their choice of Instagram as the platform on which they would carry out the competition  – meant that they could fully utilise the prestige and appearance of the CLA as well as targeting the millenial generation


The campaign has resulted in 90 million impressions and 1.5million likes – demonstrating that if used wisely, social media can have a tremednous impact on the reach of your campaign, you just need to understand your target, choose the most apporpriate platform – and have a little imagination