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Hi, I’m Rachel Wastell, a freelance journalist, copywriter and digital marketer. Writing professionally for almost ten years, I have a flair for the written word, and a knack for translating complex concepts. My writing has been published across the Australian media landscape, including in the Australian Financial ReviewBusiness Insider and Lifehacker. I have also worked with many marketing agencies and corporate brands as a ghostwriter, social media content creator and have written multiple winning entries for local and international business awards.

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I offer a range of copywriting services to help you generate a conversation with your prospective customers and clients, in both long-form and short-form, for B2B and B2c audiences.

Finance is one of the areas I enjoy working in the most, especially when it comes to translating complex concepts into everyday English that regular consumers can understand, and seeing that transpire into increased conversion rates and reduced acquisition costs. This experience in long-form journalism gives me an edge over other copywriters, as I can create interesting and relevant media releases for journalists to use without the need for much editing, so you can boost your brand awareness and corporate profile.

Currently, I am completing a Masters degree in Environmental Advocacy, specialising in Climate Change, so if you are looking to start a conversation with your audience about the state of our climate, this may be something I would be happy to help with pro-bono.

If you would like to work with me, fill out the form below describing your project and budget, or you can find out more about my work in Business Award Submissions & Digital Marketing Services.

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