Rachel Wastell, with pet dog Rafiki, has given up any plans to buy a home. She'd prefer to invest her money and wait for the markets to fall. Friday 29th September 2023 AFR photo Louie Douvis
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Have you ever tried to learn something new and felt suffocated in jargon?

Hi, I’m Rachel, a freelance writer and communications specialist with a knack for translating complex concepts and helping businesses explain their successes to secure award wins.

I’ve spent the past ten years working with a range of businesses helping them communicate their brand effectively, and consistently. Throughout my career I’ve worn many hats, working with investment firms, personal finance comparison sites, cleaning companies, removal businesses, ecommerce websites, consultants and small businesses to craft clear, concise and creative copy.

Creating messaging for a range of industries have given me a unique insight into the jargon that limits open education, which has driven me to deep dive into topics like finance and economics, and figure out how to explain complex concepts into plain English.

Maybe you’re not sure exactly how quantitative easing works and why it matters. Perhaps you’re thinking of buying a property off the plan, but heard you could end up owing the bank money and have NO idea how that works. Maybe you’re confused as to why Climate Change can make the earth both warmer AND cooler?

rachel wastell freelance writer and communications specialist

Why Bother Translating Complex Concepts?

Finance, politics and science are important topics, that impact every aspect of our lives. Yet, the ivory tower and elite authority figures in powerful positions continue to use complicated terms. If the everyday person is unable to understand financial, economic, political and scientific concepts, all we can do is place blind faith in politicians and corporations.

As we enter what looks to become the sixth mass extinction, open education is more important than ever before. Unless these complex concepts are translated into plain English, we will never be able to change the way the system works.

We need to start democratising knowledge. It’s the only way to restore the power imbalance that neoliberalism has created.

Need someone to simplify your business jargon?

If you’re working in a financial services business, science lab or an industry where jargon runs rampant, I can help you simplify your content, and increase conversion.