I read an article this morning on econsultancy – I shared this so some of you may have read what I’m referring to – about the Tinderisation of marketing.

This started me thinking about the yes/no mentality of our generation, and the fact that we are so overwhelmed with information, products and services that an easy decision is just what we need.

I attended a Smarta Breakthrough workshop in London in 2015 and I heard from Kuba Wieczorek as he spoke about his new business, eve.

Eve sells one type of mattress, nothing else. In describing why he did this he said something along the lines of ‘people don’t want choice, they want the one right thing for them’ so we’ve made the best mattress. The one thing that will help you wake up happier. If we were ever to make another product, we’d keep the same vision – the one right thing – so maybe we’ll make the best alarm clock, or the best smoothie blender – we’ll always focus on creating the best choice instead of bombarding customers with a plethora of options.

Although tinderisation focuses on the choice between two options – offering 2 of the right things – what it does is presents consumers with an easy way to make the best decision for them.

I this is very true of successful marketing. Give your consumers an easy way to get at the best product/service for them. Focus on making your product offering and user experience simple and relevant.

My friends laugh, as although I’m an extremely motivated person with a strong drive to succeed in business, I’m very, very lazy. In fact, I always make sure that the things I need are within my reach – in what I call, my vicinity.

In a similar fashion, as a marketer you need to ensure you are putting everything your customer needs to complete their purchase/transaction with you in their vicinity. Don’t make them work for it, put everything they need within arms reach – then watch for an increase in customer conversion 🙂