Open Education

Have you ever tried to learn something new and after drowning in jargon, wished for simple translations of complex concepts?

Maybe you’re not sure exactly how Climate Change works, or what quantitative easing is and why it matters. Or perhaps you’re thinking of buying a property off the plan, but heard you could end up owing the bank money and have NO idea how that works.

Whatever it is you’re trying to understand, it’s likely there are millions of others who are also stuck in the dark. These are important topics yet systems of oppression and elite authority figures in powerful positions continue to use complicated terms. If the everyday person is unable to learn complex concepts about how society works, all we can do is place blind faith in politicians and corporations.

As we enter what looks to become the sixth mass extinction, open education is more important than ever before. Unless complex concepts are translated into plain English, we will never be able to change the way the system works.

We need to start democratising knowledge, and empower the working class. It’s the only way to restore the power imbalance that industrial capitalism has created.