Recently I launched Small Story Marketing, to help sole traders harness the value of Facebook Ads Manager. When used correctly, Ads Manager can turn small stories into big brands.

Using detailed targeting, sole traders can build engaged audiences that serve as the foundation of their successful future business.

Time is money

As a one-person-band, sole traders have limited time and money. Facebook knows this, and I believe this is the main reason they created the “Boost” and “Promote” buttons.

These buttons give businesses a quick way to advertise. Facebook makes money, businesses get views and likes and everyone’s happy.

But without thinking a little deeper about the audience they are targeting, sole traders can waste a lot of time and money using these advertising buttons.

The “Boost” and “Promote” buttons give you access to some ad settings, but bypass the the real powerhouse behind Facebook ads, Ads Manager

Whilst their promise of “reaching thousands of people with just one click” is accurate, it’s important to think critically about where you’re spending your money, and time. 

The “Boost” and “Promote” buttons save time, and give you access to some ad settings, but the lack of flexibility in targeting and inability to see detailed metrics means that you’re probably not finding the best people for your business.

If you want value for money, you need to harness the real powerhouse behind Facebook ads, Ads Manager.

Why is Ads Manager better?

It is only in Ads Manager (on a desktop computer) that you can find out which people are genuinely engaged with your content.

This is the information you need to strategically grow your business. Specifically you need this information to build an audience of ‘early adopters’ and set yourself up for success, not failure.

Ads Manager gives you greater control over the success of your ads. It offers a lead generation ad funnel, creative control over how your ad looks on different apps, and allows you to target people based on specific interests, ages and gender.

Here’s what Facebook has to say about the difference between Ads Manager and Boosting Posts.

Knowing how Ads Manager works will also mean that when you do grow into a small business with multiple employees, your marketing team will have information they can use to create scalable campaigns.

Take action now, and thank yourself later.

As a sole trader your time should be spent finding ‘early adopters.’

Early adopters are foundation customers that play a key role in setting your business up for success. They will provide honest feedback as you test messaging and promotions to see what works.

Remember; the more time you put in to building an engaged audience now, the greater the rewards in the future.

And, if your product or service is good, this engaged audience will be a free marketing team. Providing the social proof needed to show credibility, expertise and trustworthiness.

Remember; the more time you put in to building an engaged audience now, the greater the rewards in the future.

If you invest in building a following now you can prevent future burnout. Just as we MUST take Climate action now, to stop our beautiful country from going up in flames.

If you want to learn more about Small Story Marketing, click here.