A mass genocide of our wildlife
Political corruption running rife
Wildlife still culled, water still sold
As we sit and watch disaster unfold

From a tropical rainforest to a temperate grassland
Unprecedented fires are destroying our homeland
And while the media fixates on capital cities
The real victims live in our rural communities

A nation suffocating in flames and smoke
But fires alone are not making us choke
We’re choking on lies, on climate denial
Yet our politicians will not stand trial

We are facing a time of utter devastation
If money remains our political fixation
It is not the time to aim for a surplus
Australia must commit to a higher purpose

And not in the sense of religious beliefs
Which could soon be used to silence your grief
A discrimination bill will not solve this plight
We must come together, to stand and fight

Hundreds of millions of animals dead
You cannot just let this go over your head
It’s an outright disgrace, an abuse of power
This nightmare we face is our darkest hour

We need to speak up, make our voices heard
No more Quiet Australians, sitting unstirred
Millions of hectares of country is lost
We can’t let this be the Australian holocaust