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I’m starting to get really frustrated with people assuming that because I give a shit about the environment that I’m a socialist. Opposing capitalism does not make you a socialist.

Socialism, by definition, is “a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

I cannot remember when I last advocated for socialism, mentioned being a socialist or even spoke about my personal political standpoint in regard to any affiliation with an existing party, let alone socialism.

However, it seems that if you oppose a capitalist society that favours self-interest over all else, care about Mother Nature, or worry about those less fortunate than yourself in the first world, you are a socialist.

That you are an evil tree hugging hippie looking to Robin Hood to shit out of this world, stealing from the Jeff Bezos’ and Trumps of the world to give to the poor.

And that is simply not the case.

To be honest, I’d quite enjoy watching the likes of Kim Kardashian and Adam Neumann have their riches stolen to feed and clothe the 736 million people that survive on less than $1.90 per day.

But that doesn’t for one second solidify my position as a political advocate of socialism.

Why I oppose Capitalism

Capitalism is something that I do not agree with on the premise that it aims for infinite growth on a planet with finite resources, values success of the individual over society, and simultaneously devalues roles stereotypically associated with women.

Teachers, aged care workers, cleaners, and other roles in which we care for others – including the planet – are seen as lesser in the capitalist world.

However, human development is reliant upon quality education and scientifically, we cannot live without the planet.

The dismissal of such caregiving roles as lesser is one of the reasons why I cannot support capitalism.

Now, I’m not saying the solution is communism, socialism or even anarchism. In fact, there is not one political ideology or “ism” that I am in full support of. What I am saying is there needs to be an alternative to capitalism that encourages our society to care for others and the planet itself. Caring can and should be a profitable activity, if it were appropriately funded, and it would allow for a kinder, more compassionate society to emerge that is both economically prosperous and sustainable.

Currently, capitalist exploits are enjoyed by the financiers, the investors and the real estate moguls. CEOs sit on a pretty penny enjoying million dollar bonuses, even when the business is running at a loss of millions, whilst child care workers raise and educate the next generation on minimum wage.

This needs to change.

To be clear to any lovers of capitalist exploits who are reading this, I have never said I am in support of spreading the wealth “equally” amongst everyone. I think in this day and age and how society has been built it would not be fair to those who have worked hard to earn their way.

But you know what’s really unfair?

Taxing a single mum who works three jobs over 40% of her wages as she struggles to feed her kids, whilst allowing one third of large Australian businesses to pay no tax at all. 

Spending millions on inner city tram lines (after ripping the old ones out just a few decades ago for the automotive industry) whilst the Darling runs dry and our farmers suffer.

Refusing to raise the newstart allowance for a man that was hurt on a construction site last year because his boss was trying to cut safety costs and pocket higher profits.

THAT is what sucks. THAT is why I oppose capitalism. But these views do NOT instantly make me a socialist, and I’m sick of being categorised as such.